How to Say Thank you for birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Birthday is one of the most special days in anybody's life which makes everyone happy. Friends, family and close ones are probably one of the first persons to be in touch with an individual who is sharing her birthday. However, what would be the status of Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Ofcourse, having a breakup does not mean that you shall not wish your ex in his/her birthday which comes once in a year. Ask yourself; Are you still in love with the person who used to be your partner? If the answer is yes, sending birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend is probably one of the most important things you should always keep in mind and get it cleared. Wishing your Ex a Happy Birthday is indeed important because it recalls all the happy memories in your and your partner's life and it brings in the bond to get you closer.

Why should you respond to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend?

Have you been in a relationship which brought you so many happy memories in your life? Do you still have feelings for the person whom you used to love once in your life? Falling in love with a person might be one of those special moments but falling for your partner over and over again is probably one of the most special things that you would always wish to enjoy in life and make it happen. But almost everything that comes in your life should not perish away once you have a breakup. Yes, responding to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend always depends on how your relationship has been broken.

Case 1: Misconception
One of the key factors for a breakup has been a misunderstanding about each other which results in a nasty breakup. Misconceptions might happen in everyone's life many times. But it is always a responsibility for you to explain to your partner from where this misconception came and how badly you were sorry. Claiming a sorry will not hurt you but having a breakup after this will definitely hurt you more. However, even after months of breakup if you still have the same feelings for her, then it is one of the best times of the day when you should give respond to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend.

Case 2: Cheating
Probably one of the nasty reasons would be having an affair with someone else while your partner is dating you. Cheating is never an acceptable thing in your life and might turn out to be many exciting things to happen. If you find your partner to be cheating out with you and you have had a breakup, then it is never an easy thing to grow up from. Indeed, having a breakup might be justified here, and you might never want to respond to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend. However, if you still fall for your partner and wish to give him/her another chance, then probably making him/her feel special will indeed bring back your relationship.

Case 3: Mutual Understandings
Sometimes, relationships just do not want to happen especially if the man and the woman are both on the opposite sides of the coin. If you have had a mutual breakup and understanding between the two, then it is no harm in remaining as friends. Probably the end of friendship has not been strong enough as you have not bothered to give time to the relationship. It is always a good thought just to be in a friend relationship with him/her and proceeds further. You can definitely respond to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend which might make him/her happy and understand your feelings more. Who knows, things might just turn out to change.

However, before you respond to birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend the first thing that you should come up is whether you still want to be in a relationship with your ex or not. If you do not bother to be in a relationship, one of the major things which you should consider is to be friends with the person whom you once used to admire. Probably friendship is not as harmful as being in a relationship is. However, if you still feel the same for him/her and wish to get started on a new note, then Birthday is one occasion you would definitely never wish to miss out. So what you need to do is to move ahead and send birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend.

If you have a secret feeling for your ex and never wish him/her to be feeling your pain, then the best option would just be to admire him/her. Selecting and sending unique birthday wishes to Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend might just help you a lot to give a cause and move forward. All that you need to do is just to be beside her in her sadness and also take the responsibility of making him/her happy. Start off this by sending Birthday Messages and make your partner feel happy even more!

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