Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

A dash of sarcasm is vital if you want to stand yourself out from the rest of people out there. If you want to bring a bright smile on the faces of your friends, family, besties, and relatives, then just poke fun at them. We are sure that they can take a joke, can they?

This article is about the funny thank you messages for birthday wishes. And surely it is all about a real litmus test for your friendship as well.

We all know that there is a lot to say than just those two words, Thank You! You must be witty and creative to entertain all your greeters with a funny thank you note. You must read on further to get the best suitable funny thank you message for your birthday wishes.

Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes

I want to say thanks to you for traveling those seven km just for the free drinks, yummy cake and delicious food. Hats Off to your considerable efforts buddy!

Thanks buddy for making me little poorer this year. Don’t expect me to spare you on your birthday now.

I should thank Facebook to make you remember my birthday.

I must say thanks to you for making me realize that how good I am with my writing skills while writing this thank you note.

Your compelling presence on my birthday made me check my account balance this time.

Thank you for your advance birthday wishes. It shows your eagerness for the treat.

Just a birthday wish? I don’t guarantee a party now. But yeah, a gift might do the trick.

Thank You is just enough for your boring birthday wishes. I just gave you icy cold stares because you came without a gift. How could you?

Thanks buddy for your birthday wishes. But it had grammatical mistakes. Even the pre-schoolers have a better grammar sense than you.

You must join English writing classes. Thank you for your best wishes on my birthday.

I knew that you are the one who couldn’t miss a chance for doing something for free. Thanks for your wishes dear.

Oh! Isn’t your wish a copied one? Did you copy it from your last year’s collection? Ha! Ha! Thanks, buddy!

Thank you for your wishes. It is a special day for me when I accept donations as well. I feel special and loved by all of you.

Thanks to Facebook for reminding my friends about my birthday. And thanks to technology that I don’t have to write these messages by hand. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Thanks for the birthday greetings dear. I haven’t been so happy and loved. You forgot my gift. Right? I am waiting to get it by tomorrow.

Sometimes we don’t know what to say and how to thank people who wished us on our birthday or who make us happy in life. We get totally confuse at words while appreciating people. Though there are some birthday wishes we receive, yet all the wishes gears towards the same essence, which is, expressing love from the bottom of our heart.

Sometimes we receive funny birthday wishes, but those not always make other people laugh as well. There are some birthday wishes, and thus there are some ways you can say thank you. And the best way to bring a smile on the face of the person who wished you on your birthday is to send a funny thank you a message.

While thanking those who poured their love and blessings on you on your special day, there is nothing better to put a big, bright smile on their face. This is the reason that we have collected the best funny thank you messages for birthday wishes which you can use to thank you all those who wished you on your special day. These thank you messages will surely help you in chuckling them.

Just make your thank you for the birthday wishes a fun, exciting and unique.