Reply to Birthday Wishes on WhatsApp Group

Reply to Birthday Wishes on WhatsApp Group

Everyone enjoys getting attention and love on his/her birthday. Birthdays are always fantastic because it is one of those days when you get to feel admired and unique. On this particular occasion, all of your loved ones are with you and provide their blessings to you for your future. One wish can make us feel on top of the sky and make our entire day. We can feel the warmth of all loved ones.

Social Media is the biggest platform to wish on special occasions. We all do that. Friends and family always love you and want you. Even if you get a birthday wish from a distant person, you will surely appreciate it. Birthday wishes from a lesser-known person, with whom you are not in touch, are very much touching. Now it is your turn to give them thanks for their precious wishes. Birthday wishes mean a lot. When everyone wishes me on my birthday, it becomes inevitable to provide them with thanks by showing your gratitude and love.

There are specific ways to deliver my thank you on social media. Here are some of them.

Thank you messages for WhatsApp Friends and Family groups

By God's grace, I have you all in my life, who always make me feel special and loved on my birthday. You all are my greatest blessings.

Thank you, my family and friends, you remind me of my existence, and your warm wishes means a lot to me. Those wishes are beyond any mathematical calculation.

Thank you, family. You all always stand for me. I might sometimes take you for granted, but you all never forget to wish me.

Thanks to you for your lovely and warm wishes. It touches my heart. You connect me to your heart, even if we don’t meet.


Thanks for your good wishes for my birthday. Your dreams are everlasting. It gives me a new meaning of life, love, and being loved.

Lots of thanks and love. You guys make me feel exceptional and complete. Your wishes are witty and beautiful. I am overwhelmed and nostalgic.

I am obliged for your precious birthday wishes. My birthday will always remain incomplete till you guys wish me.

Your wishes and my birthday are just like the soul. It is compatible. Thanks, guys, love you all to the moon and back. Thanks again for your warm wishes.

I am very grateful to you all for your wishes. It was a pretty busy day. So, sorry for my late reply. I bow down to your generosity for remembering my special day and making me feel a lot happier than I already was.

Hey guys! Love you all for your wishes. I appreciate your support and love on this birthday and many more birthdays in the coming years.

Dear family & friends thank you so much. You all are in my heart. My heartfelt respect and gratitude to all of you. Your wishes made my birthday very special.

Sorry for the late reply. I am incredibly thankful to you all for your kind words and wishes on my birthday. I feel special on my birthday for all your best wishes.

I am so much overwhelmed getting all the calls, texts, WhatsApp messages. I am so lucky to have the most amazing friends and family. I got all thoughtful and heartfelt words from you; ream moved.

Thanks to you all, my family and friends, I hope you have a beautiful day as you make me feel so special

I am thankful to you for all your wishes and greetings on my birthday. Your gesture and affection smite me. Thanks again for making me feel so beautiful and unique.

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Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

When I wake up in the morning and see all the messages, I am so happy and thankful to God. I have his blessings, so I have all of you in my life. My next birthdays will remain incomplete without your wishes.

Thank you, friends, and family, you blessed my special day by pouring all your blessings and love on me. You make me smile with your love and care for my birthday.

I never expected that you all would remember my birthday. Trust me, when the messages are rolling in, I am surprised and thrilled. Thank you so much. Keep blessing me. I need it.

Great friends are always blessings in disguise. Your wishes on my birthday are bliss. I am fortunate to have you all. Thanks a lot and keep wishing me on my birthday in the coming years also.

Your wishes on my birthday are my treasure. No currency can equalize to your loving and caring messages. These messages are priceless and very special. Thanks for your lovely words on my birthday.

Thanks for your very loving wishes. Everything will get an end one day, but your sweet and cute intentions will always remain in my heart. Your aesthetic preferences will make my smile permanent on my lips.

I have so many loving friends and family members. Thanks for your love and warm wishes for my birthday. You move me to tears with emotion and joy. Your love is unforgettable. Thank you to all my dear friends and family.

I want to show gratitude and respect to all my friends and family, who took out some time to wish me on my birthday.

I never guessed to receive so many birthday messages. Today I feel important and loved. I never knew to have so many good friends in my life who wish me to make me feel happy and blessed. Thanks a lot, guys. Love you all.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for wishing me on my birthday. The birthday was so special to me with all your wishes.

Thanks to all of you for wishing me and making my birthday a fantastic day of my life. Your birthday wishes gave a kick start to my birthday.

No cash could buy happiness, which I get after I see your birthday messages. You made me realize how much I cherish our friendship and togetherness.

Thank you for your wishes, which are more lovable than any gift and sweeter than any birthday cake. I truly appreciate the love and affection I got from you all.

Birthdays are special not only for you but also for all the friends and family members. So, do not forget to make them feel special and spread the positivity by replying to them with these heartfelt messages.