Thank You WhatsApp Status for Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are a delight. The more wishes you get the happier they make you feel. But it becomes very tough when you have to reply to each one of the birthday wishes be it on WhatsApp, Facebook or via simple messages. There is no way you can skip the custom because gratitude is not wort feeling if it is not expressed. Therefore saying thank you to all the people who wished you happy birthday is essential. Now, the bigger question is how to thank so many friends without replying each one of them personally.

Well this is quite simple actually. You can type a common thank you message and post it as your WhatsApp status. WhatsApp statuses one of the best ways to thank your friends for their birthday wishes. Typing a status is least time consuming and a meaningful way to express gratitude.

The most essential part is to compose the right message. You WhatsApp status must say it all. We have come up with some of the best WhatsApp messages for you to say thank you to all those who wished you happy birthday. Check them out.

Your wishes have become a keepsake that will forever remind me of happy times and beautiful memories. Thank you so much.

My birthday lasted just for a day but the wishes you sent me are going to make me feel special for the rest of the year. Thank you.

Your words were the perfect embellishment on my birthday, your wishes have just blown me away. No matter how hard I try on my own, I will never be able to replicate the warmth you have shown. Thanks.

Thanks for a message that was, truly priceless and the epitome of sweetness. Now I know that you are, utterly loving and delightfully caring.

Money and gifts can buy almost everything – except the love of friends like you. Thanks for your sweet wishes on my birthday.

Your beautiful wishes did something that no amount of money can buy – they made me believe in the value of friendship. Thanks.

Just like how food remains tasteless without salt, my birthday celebrations would have been incomplete without your wishes. Thanks for being the SALT in my life.

I was feeling terrible about turning a year older until I read your message which rid me of my blues. Now I feel that growing old is totally worth it, as long as it is with friends like you. Thanks.

Funny WhatsApp status update: Thank you all for sending me such sweet birthday messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. Why can’t you be so sweet to me all year around?

Birthday gifts can get broken or lost, but your priceless words will remain close to my heart for eternity. Thanks.

Make your thank you simple and heartfelt with the above WhatsApp status. Please share your views via comments if you like this article.