How to say thank you for the birthday wishes in Japanese

Wishing someone a Happy Birthday in Japanese is “tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu” or “tanjoubi omedetou”. You can use any of these two sayings depending to whom you are wishing. But how to say thank you for the birthday wishes in Japanese?

Saying Thank You for your birthday wishes to the people shows your gratitude towards them. The exciting thing on your birthday is to receive messages and get gifts. People do take out a little time from their busy schedules to wish you on this special day.

Consequently, for their wishes on your birthday, at least for their thoughtfulness, you must thank them. But what if your friends wished you in Japanese? You need not to worry at all. You can say Thank You to them in Japanese as

Minna itsumo kono saito ni kite kurete arigatou.

tanjyoubi no oyuwai arigatou gozaimasu.

minna tanjobi-wo iwatte-kurete arigato

minasan tanjobi-wo shukufuku shite-itadaite arigato gozaimasu

Showing your gratitude to them will influence them to surprise you with more exciting gifts on your next birthday. Just send your Japanese friends with a sweet little Thank You note after your day is over. Sit just shows your appreciation for their wishes and gifts.