How to say thank you for the birthday wishes in French

So, it was your birthday and it is obvious you received innumerable birthday wishes. Do you know how to thank you for the birthday wishes in French? Yes, in French because it is now an official language in about 41 countries and even the second most influential one. After English, French is the language which is widely taught and one of most use done over the internet, which makes it quite possible that you might receive birthday wishes in French. How would you reply?

Thank You in French

A simple “thank you for the birthday wishes” in French is “Merci pour les vœux d’anniversaire”.

The birthday is the only one day of the whole year, when anybody wish you through messages or by posting on your Facebook profile wall. So, these are some of the best thank you messages for those who wished you on your birthday. And if you are uncomfortable with innumerable posts received, then you can simply use these beautiful thank you messages.