How to say Thank you for the Birthday Wishes On Whatsapp

Want to Thank your friends and family for your birthday wishes on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the widely used social chat messenger which connects people anywhere, anytime. Your family and friends wished you wholeheartedly on your birthday and now, it’s your turn to appreciate their love with thank you messages on WhatsApp. But how to say thank you for the birthday wishes on WhatsApp?

Your thank you messages can be emotional or funny one liners, which must show your gratitude. Though your birthday party has been ended, but these wishes remain in the hearts forever as memories. It makes really important to revert their birthday wishes with a beautiful thank you message. In our busy lives, people forgot about enjoying the moments, so it is really a good thought to spend one minute to show them that their presence is heartfelt and they hold some importance in your life.

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You search literally ends here. As you can easily find awesome collection of thank you messages for the birthday wishes on WhatsApp. Select the best suitable one which makes the moment more special. It’s the right time to say Thank You to your family and friends who wished you and showered their love on your special day.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes on WhatsApp

1) Thanks my dear friend, you are always nice at me and with sweet words. I send you may regards and thousands of kisses.

2) Friend of my life… thanks for your best wishes and everything. I spent a great time in my birthday, but I hope to see you over here really soon to celebrate again.

3) Thanks my special friend, I love you so much too and I always think about you. I am glad to know you are really happy. I feel really blessed by your friendship.

4) Thanks my love for saying hi here too. Definitively this is the best celebration of my birthday ever. With you I feel like the clock is not ticking anymore and that I am still the girl of your eyes. I love you.

5) Thanks for the birthday message my friend. You know, I really appreciate a lot your friendship. A hug for you my dear friend.

6) I have never imagined receiving so many birthday messages like today. I really do not have words to thank all your tenderness and good wishes. All of you made me unbelievably happy.

7) Thank for make of this day a really special one. Today I feel absolutely loved and important. I did not know I had a lot of good friends like all of you. Thanks, thousands of thanks.

8) Today I woke up a little sad because I realized I am one years older than yesterday, I do not really get older. However, when I saw the bunch of messages I understood that it does not matter if I get older year after year, because I had the chance to meet all of you. Thanks for your friendship, all of you really make me happy day after day, I love you all.

9) Thanks for the best wishes and the kisses, this kind of love makes me feel happy. It is a really happy birthday thanks to you. I love you so much too and I want to celebrate many birthdays by your side.

10) I hope your best wishes for me come true, but I just want you to know that remembering my birthday is a reason enough to feel absolutely happy. I love you so much.