How to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes On Twitter

Have you felt blissful because of all those birthday wishes on Twitter? It was totally awesome of your friends for sending such heartfelt wishes and it totally mad your day. Well now comes the time to reply to all those messages and show your friends that their wishes were heartfelt and that you felt really great-full to read all those lovely wishes. Twitter being a social media provides you simple and easy ways to communicate with your friends and the people whom you follow and therefore replying to your friends to thank for their lovely birthday is a rather easy task.

You have to thank all the people for wishing you happy birthday and it is a long list of people. Therefore what you can do is write a sweet thank you note that refers to all your friends and tweet it. This is the simplest way to show your gratitude and the best part is that is does not take much of your time. All your friends that follow you on twitter will be able to read your thank you tweet and will feel delighted that you have responded to their wishes.

Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes On Twitter

Another way of thanking your friends for the wishes they sent you on twitter is by sending them direct messages. Now this might be a time consuming process because sending direct messages to so many people will take time and you will also have to think what to write for each friend. A replacement of this can be that you can either copy paste the same thank you note and message it to every friend you wished you or instead of this you can just write direct messages to your most special friends. For the rest of your friends you can tweet a common message thanking all the people who wished you so this way you can be fairly even.

You can even tweet thank you cards or a clip art saying thank you to all the people who wished you happy birthday. This is a witty and unique way to say thank you and is fun too. So now you don’t have to worry about wishing your friends thank you no matter how long the friend list is. Tell each of your friends how great-full you are for their wishes and how much you appreciate it that your birthday was not forgotten. Be it an emotional note or a humorous note do take the initiative to thank your friends for their birthday wishes.

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Now saying thank you to your friends for their birthday wishes is even easier. There is no need to worry about what you are going to write in your thank you note. We have a collection of thank you messages that you can send to your friends and tell them how pleased you are to get their wishes on your birthday. Choose the birthday note that best suits you and tweet it or message it.

How to Say Thanks for the birthday wishes on Twitter

Free samples of thanking for a greeting on Twitter

1) I read your birthday greetings. I thank you all for remembering such a special day for me.

2) I am happy to know my friends remember my birthday. I have no words to say how moved I am.

3) Words like yours make my birthday happier. Thank you.

4) Thank you for such nice messages. On my birthday I am happy to be your friend.

5) It is time to set new projects and have a good time. I say I love you to all those who want me to have a nice day.

6) One more year is over and another one begins. Moving on. Your greeting was wonderful. Thank you.

7) Thank you for your nice call for my birthday. It is worth more than a bought gift.

8) I blow my birthday candles on my cake several time, and I thank all those who helped to make it a happy day.

9) I read the birthday messages you all send me. I thank you all eternally.

10) I am celebrating an amazing day. Thank you for your tweets. I am proud that you remember my birthday.

11) This is a special day because it is my birthday, but even more so because I receive these greetings from such dear friends. Thank you very much.

12) I must thank you for all you write to me. You all make this an original and special day.

13) My dear friend, you are the nicest gift life has given me. I thank you for your birthday greeting.

14) I celebrate my birthday at home in a nice reunion. I thank all those who could not be with me for your tweets.

15) Thank you for remembering this special day. Thank you for your greetings.

16) Tonight I look at the sky’s grandeur and I read your birthday tweets. I want to thank all those who greet me.

17) Thank you for the nicest birthday greeting in the world and for being my friend.