Funny Reply to Birthday Wishes

Who doesn’t love getting beautiful wishes on birthdays? Undoubtedly, all of us do. And when it comes to replying to these wishes, a little bit of sarcasm doesn’t really hurt. Sarcasm also makes you stand out from the rest of the people. If you poke your friend or relatives just a little, you will definitely see a bright smile and little laughter on their faces. They will be able to take a joke, right?

There is so much more you can say rather than just saying "Thank You!". You can try to be funny and witty in order to entertain your wishers a little with a funny thank you note. Here, we are listing some of the sample wordings for funny replies to birthday wishes.

Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

I want to thank you for traveling over-night just for the free food and drinks and the yummy cake. I really appreciate your efforts, brother!

Thank you for wishing me in advance. I know you are really excited about the amazing treat.

Thank you so much for burning a hole in my pocket, this year. Now, do not expect me to throw a surprise party on your birthday because I won’t.

I just found that you sent me a copied wish from Google. But then, I realized that it was the same wish that I sent you last year. Ha-ha! Anyway, thanks, buddy!

I just wanted to tell you that you just made me a little poorer this year. Thanks, man!

No gift? Just a birthday wish? Do not expect any birthday treat from me. Thank you. Bye.

I just realized how good my writing skills are while writing this thank you note. Thank you for making me realize my hidden talent.

I want to thank Facebook from the core of my heart for making you remember my birthday. Thanks to you as well for wishing me.

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I always knew that you would never miss the chance of having free food and drinks. Thank you, buddy, for coming to my party yesterday.

Thank you so much for the sweetest birthday wish ever. But you did not get me a gift. I am really disappointed. Get me a cute present as soon as possible.

Why did you come without a gift? I did not expect this from you. Also, thank you for the boring birthday wish. By the way, I am waiting for my gift.

You did not travel for seven kilometers just to attend my birthday party. You just wanted the cake, right? Thank you, anyway, for your compelling presence.

Thank you for the beautiful birthday wish. By the way, start getting English tuition for yourself. There were so many grammatical mistakes in the message.

Thank you for coming. By the way, I also accept donations on my special day. Hoping to get your donation soon.

I want to thank technology from the core of my heart that I did not have to write this message with my own hand. Thank you for wishing me. Expecting to see you at the party tonight. Do not forget to bring the gift with you.

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Hence, we have concluded some awesome sample wordings of funny replies for birthday wishes. You can send them to your closed ones and have lots of fun. But do not make anyone feel bad with your sarcasm. Remember, these are just for a little fun and not for hurting anyone. If you know that the person will take your joke well, only then send such kind of replies. Otherwise, do not send them. So, go ahead and have fun with your friends and family and make them smile a little bright with some light-hearted sarcasm.