How do I respond to birthday wishes from friends on Facebook?

Facebook has made people’s life so much easier. There was a time when people use to engage in long phone calls to wish their friends happy birthday. But no it has become so much easier. With Facebook people get notified on their friends’ birthdays and can easily post messages without spending money and time on unnecessary calls. But that does not make your job easy because you have to respond to all the wishes and thank people who have wished you which might sometimes become tricky.

Well there are a lot of solutions to these problems. You can easily get rid of the stress of replying to each birthday wish personally or typing individual messages to everyone. We have come up with some awesome ways in which you can respond to birthday wishes from your friends on Facebook. Following are some less time effective ideas that you can use to thank your friends for their birthday wishes and show gratitude.

1.Facebook status is the best and most simple way to express thankfulness to your friends who have wished you happy birthday. A simple status of 30 to 40 words will be appropriate and easy enough to come up with. You can also write specific statuses where you can tag special friends to show a special gesture of gratitude.

2.Thank you images are another way to respond to birthday wishes from friends on Facebook. All you need to do is find a right image with a good thank you message and post it on your timeline. You can also add this image as your cover picture for a day. Tagging friends on this image will make it even more effective. You can simply tag all the friends who have wished you and this will ensure that your thank you message has reached them via notifications.

3.Personal messages can also work. If you like to send personal thank you messages then it will become more time consuming. The better way would be to thank your most important friends individually via messages and make a group of the rest of your friends and send them a thank you message in the chat box. This will save a lot of time and will also do the job.

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4.Video messages is a unique and amazing way to thank your friends for the birthday wishes they have send you. You can record an expressive thank you video telling your friends how grateful you are to receive their wishes and upload it on your timeline. To make it more effective you can even tag your friends and this will notify them of your feelings.